Professional Services


With an emphasis on specific sub-sectors of the market, AGIS offers  unique competitive advantages beyond the competition, to ensure customer  requirements are not only satisfied, but also exceeded. Our proven  approach coupled with our industry experience gives us the resources  necessary to deliver high-value technical and administrative performance  and lasting results.

Included below is an evolving list of our technical areas of expertise, based on prior performance:


  • IT Consultation
  • Configuration Management
  • Medical/Scientific Engineering
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Microbiological Research & Development
  • Epidemiological Research & Development
  • Data Center Management
  • Hardware Installation & On-Going Support
  • Applications/Installation & Support
  • Systems Architecture
  • Database Administration
  • Economic Evaluation
  • WAN Administration/Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Installation
  • Field Installation & Support
  • Network Operations Support


  • Technical Consultation
  • Hardware Consultation
  • LAN Administration
  • Technical Training
  • Operations Support/Systems Operations
  • Internet Security Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Administration/Management
  • Help Desk Analysis/Support
  • Document Management
  • Office Management
  • Field Analysis, Scientific Engineering
  • Site Survey
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Business Management
  • Finance

Some examples of our employee exposure includes the following:

Medical/Scientific Engineering
AGIS engages in  scientific studies designed to track the effectiveness of management  programs. Our employees are responsible for testing, maintaining, and  compiling both inventory and treatment data from a variety of sources.  Integrating this data with a pre-existing oracle database, our employees  then are responsible for authoring technical volumes and plans  suggesting courses of action and treatment protocols.

Healthcare Administration
AGIS provides direction  and expertise to manage and maintain large, diversified healthcare  programs. Contractor employees design voluntary services programs,  administer all facets of day-to-day operations, establish and implement  policies and procedures, develop goals and objectives, responsibilities  for the operation, evaluation, coordination and maintenance of the  medical center’s programs.

AGIS provides full-scale economic  site-surveys and land evaluations, conducted in conjunction with  independent research and publications. Contractor employees are  responsible for developing adjusted 100-year power benefit reports, as  well as providing summarizing technical volumes justifying decision  basis. 

Infrastructure Engineering
AGIS supports  engineering initiatives through a number of Federal contract  initiatives, by providing infrastructure personnel. Contractor employees  design, implement, test, and review protocols for Department-specific  requirements and initiatives.